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All of the photographs in this gallery were taken by Harrison Owen either along the Potomac River or the coast of Maine. Near the Village of Potomac, where Harrison lives and works, the Potomac River is a far cry from the languid creature which passes by official Washington. Wild rapids and treacherous falls treat the visitor to a true wilderness experience, only a few short miles from the White House. In dry seasons, the river flows gently through deep rocky gorges. But when the rain and floods come, the once placid Potomac is a monster of tumult. The Coast of Maine is another, and very different, sort of treasure. With thousands of islands, most of which are uninhabited, and broad expanses of open bay new vistas and secret coves appear at every turn. When the silent fog slides in gently, a peaceful mystery envelopes everything. Upon the return of the sun, the mystery explodes into a joyous dance of sparkling waters, framed by the majestic dark greens of the spruce and pines.

No one could capture it all; Harrison follows his own path, and he is pleased to share the significant moments along the way. To view these moments click on any of the Collections below. Collection I-V contain photographs of the Potomac. Collections VI onwards display The Coast of Maine. To preserve these moments for your continuing enjoyment, we invite you to order a fine custom print (See "Details of Purchase)

The images in this Gallery are entirely digital. Harrison uses Olympus and Nikon cameras, printers by Epson, and creative software by Adobe. When viewing these images, please remember that they have been modified for use on the Web, which always means a reduction in colors and resolution. Feel free to copy any of the images that appeal to you. But please know that your copies will be light years behind the quality available in the Custom Prints. Digital photography has definitely come of age, and the colors, clarity, and subtlety of the available archival prints will take your breath away.   

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