The following papers have been published in various places over the years. Please feel free to use them in any useful way. Appropriate attribution would be appreciated.

 Leadership  Originally published in "Transforming Leadership" edited by John Adams (1987). It contains many of the ideas subsequently worked out in "The Spirit of Leadership" (Berrett-Koehler/1999).

Learning for Free Originally published in the Journal of the World Business Academy, this paper proposes that since learning is a natural function of a self-organizing system, all organizations are learning organizations. It remains only to make them better.

Mythos  Originally appeared as the first chapter of Spirit: Transformation and Development (Abbott/1987) Deals with myth, ritual and the lives of organizations.

Learning as Transformation Originally appeared in In Context Proposes that real learning is Transformation and vica verce.

Emergent Order  Originally published in the ODN Practitioner (Fall 1998) with the title "Open Space" It is suggested that an Open Space event is neither more nor less that the process of self-organization at work.

Internal Revenue Service  A case study from Spirit: Transformation and Development

Eastern Virginia Medical Authority  A case Study from Spirit: Transformation and Development.

The Future of Hampton Roads  A case study from  Spirit: Transformation and Development.

Resolution for a New Millennium Originally published in the Journal for Quality and Participation, (January, 2000)

The Business of Business is Learning An Occasional Paper for colleagues, clients and friends done in 1988. It became the basis of two Open Space conferences on Organizational Learning, one in Goa, India and the other in Beckley Springs WV. The paper was subsequently published in The Journal of the World Business Academy.

Open Space and Spirit Shows Up  Appears as a chapter in a book edited by Peter Vaill.

A Brief User's Guide This was the first written guide for the use of Open Space Technology. It has been replaced by Open Space Technology: A User's Guide (Berrett-Koehler, 1987), but for a long time it was all we had, and lots of people opened lots of space with no more help than this. Still works so far as we know.

Opening Space for Peace Descripes an Open Space in Rome which brought together 50 Palestinians and Israelis. Needless to say, Peace did not break out in the Middle East, but it is fair to say that real peace was experienced in that time and place